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With 18 years of on set film industry experience, Dan really just fell into the Hollywood film industry because of his extensive Martial Arts experience. As an former professional fighter under UFC legend Frank Shamrock, and holding certification under world renowned Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Marital Arts Masters, Ron Balicki and Diana Lee Inosanto; Dan was discovered on the set of Dark Angel where he was running a team of 4, body guarding Jessica Alba.

Dan has risen to the challenge that the film industry brings with it and has broken barriers and taken giant leaps, never looking behind. Performing first as a Stunt Man, Dan was quickly recognized for his unique fighting techniques and started getting hired as a Fight Choreographer, this is where he really has excelled.

Most recently Dan was hired as the Fight Coordinator on season one of Fox TV's hit show Lucifer. After the first season however, Dan decided to leave ad pursue a bigger dream. Directing an action feature film.

Dan and his team have recently acquired funding from pre-sales for a film and concept he has been developing for 3 years; an action film called 'Kavalo'. Which is set to shoot late 2016. Dan will encompass his role as Director with everything he has learned being on set with some of the best Directors in the world.

...but this isn't the first time Dan has been behind the camera. He has been hired as a director for several commercials, and music videos, 2 of which have included Grammy Award winning artists and producers.

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