Deadpool Filming In Vancouver

Filming has begun in Vancouver. I'm feeling pretty blessed to be apart of the Deadpool Stunt Team, featuring Ryan Reynolds. I wasn't sure if the dates were going to line up for me because of the truly amazing opportunity I was given by William Kaufman to 2nd Unit Direct the latest film in the Jarhead series in Bulgaria...but some how the universe aligned and I was able to work them both. Thank you universe! We are having a blast on the Deadpool set, working hard, laughing, enjoying our time and giving it our all. A huge thank you to Rob Alonzo and Philip J Silvera for the opportunity to be a part of the team.

Jarhead - The Seige

And so it begins... off to Bulgaria I go to 2nd Unit Direct the latest instalment in the Jarhead series. This was all made possible by my friend and director extraordinaire William Kaufman. I first worked with Will on The Marine 4 film as the fight choreographer and assistant stunt coordinator, hired by my fellow CSA member and and director teammate Kimani Ray Smith. It was a great experience that we shot in Squamish, BC, Canada.   

Test Shooting with the RED Epic Dragon

We are please to announce that Triple 9INE Studios has upgraded all it's camera gear and is now shooting on the Red Epic Dragon. This is known within the film industry as being the top cinema camera in the world which mostly all Hollywood Blockbuster films are shot on. Here is a little test footage just the other day. We are happy to offer this to all our clients. Our commercials, music videos and promo videos will never be the same. 

Fantastic Weekend of Shooting


This past weekend myself and the team finished our teaser shoot for our first attempt at producing a full length feature film. It couldn't have went any better then it did. Saturday was a full stunt day. Consisting of a car hit, stunt fighting and a an 180 degree car slide with a twist...a shot that would normally take CGI to pull off. 2 members pulled it off with little rehearsal. We are hoping that this is a selling shot for the production. Next step is to meet with a few studios and distribution houses, and get funding for the full length feature. 

Kavalo. A feature film in the making.


Kavalo is the title to our first run at producing a feature length action film. Dan Rizzuto and Lars Grant have joined forces to create a old school action packed stunt filled film. Loaded with high energy fight sequences, explosions, fire stunts, high falls, car gags and then some...we are convinced that the world is ready to be taken back to the age before visual CGI and experience what it feels like watch an original hard hitting, visually mind blowing film. To view a few behind the scenes pictures of our teaser shoot,  CLICK HERE  ...and be sure to like our fanpage to be kept up to date on the happens of Kavalo!

Helicopters, Boats and Babes.

Screen shot from yesterday shoot. Was one of the most exciting shoots we've done to date.

Screen shot from yesterday shoot. Was one of the most exciting shoots we've done to date.

I was brought on to film a really fun and cool commercial, featuring the chip brand Doritos. - Consumers can submit fun spots in hopes of landing one of Doritos’ two Super Bowl XLVIII slots, which will pay the winners $1 million apiece—and afford them the chance to work on the next Avengers movie with director Stan Lee. - Needless to say I was very happy to be apart of the shoot. Above you can see a little screen shot one of the producers took while reading the footage for editing.